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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big flooded in Kuala Lipis (1971)

History of the biggest floods ever hit this country occurred in January 1971 that the government had to declare a national emergency after nearly submerged by water due to heavy rains which fell relentless for nearly a week Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abd.Razak has called an emergency cabinet meeting after a report found that the flood began to hit all the places in Malaysia. During the cabinet meeting had decided to declare flood emergency in the country with effect from 5th January 1971. Simultaneously, the cabinet committee also two flood relief and rehabilitation in which the prime minister himself became its chairman. Another committee to assess the damage and direct lengkah measures of economic and social recovery. Kuala Lumpur is the most severe floods in which almost 60% of its area covered with water so it can be seen in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur like in the middle of the ocean.

Although floods have occurred as much as 2 times that in 1926 called "Bah" and once again struck in 1946, but the floods that hit the country in 1971 was the biggest and the worst in recent history.

The floods that struck in 1971 is receding in a week later with 24 people killed and property loss estimated at more than RM 84.7 million. Flooding is also an effect of damage is most severe, many lost their homes and possessions. Many are forced to live a sepinggang, after all possessions swept away by floods. Flood events of 1971 is not generally known: - 

1. Hundreds of cars and trucks stranded for three days when the bridge near Maran runtuh.Feri had used to bring the vehicle to cross a river. 
2. Sultan Abu Bakar (sultan of Pahang) almost drowned when his boat with his party to review the flood situation has flooded the area near the town of Sungai Pahang.However, he and his entourage escaped when two fishing boats appear and provide assistance. Speed boats are priced at RM 60,000 he was sunk at 10.30 am. 
3. Hamzah bin Haji Salleh (aged 23) from Kampung Pasir Baru, Petaling Bahagia, appears as a "hero of the flood" being able to rescue 20 people trapped in floods ini.Evendore these events are long gone, but these events remain etched in history as the biggest flood that hit our country.


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